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Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips

Thank you for coming to our site and for your continued support. We have been  building a new site over the past few months and we hope you like our new main front page banners which show some of Ireland's most beautiful fishing locations.(Click on the arrows at the bottom right hand corner of images to see them all.) We will be introducing many new products and fly patterns in 2018.We have a number of new categories including Flies by Lake which we will be expanding on throughout the year. We hope this will make it easier for customers to choose flies for the rivers and lakes they intend to fish. As always our aim is to produce Trout and Salmon flies of the very highest quality. Click here to go to Trout Selection

Our Featured Products

Which Time - Which Fly

As always, all our flies are marked with the best time of year to use them and we are now adding Flies by Lake section so that when you go to Lough Carrowmore (for instance) you can pick the flies proven to suit the trout and nature of the lake.


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