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Richard Wheatley

Richard Wheatley

Richard Wheatley

Over a century ago, Richard Wheatley set a standard of craftsmanship which has been maintained with pride by his sons and grandsons. Today the 'Wheatley Fly Box' is known and prized by fly fishermen throughout the world, tested and proved by their fathers and grandfathers. Richard Wheatley, founder of the company, was born in 1827. At the age of 13 he went to work for a maker of pearl buttons. In 1844 he was apprenticed to a maker of pocket books and fly books, where he served a four year apprenticeship, after which he started his own business in 1860. During the early days, a 'fishing pocket book' was considered a fisherman's basic accessory. Normally they were made in leather with numerous pockets and parchment dividers.



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