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Add Leeda premium tapered leaders.

Wet Mayflies Wet Mayflies

Trout are fished in teams of three on floating or intermediate lines these are proven fish catchers during the mayfly season and beyond. 

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Crannogue Brown Mayfly Nymph

This is an old mayfly nymph pattern from Lough Erne in County Fermanagh which is now popular all over Ireland.Fish it on the point at mayfly time with a team of wet mayflies.
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Corrib Yellow Deery

Mayfly patterns with white bodies work well at mayfly time and it is always useful to have some in your flybox.
This pattern invented by Patsy Deery is one of the best.
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Claret Partridge Mayfly

Wet Mayfly patterns are numerous and vary greatly in colour, some bearing little resemblance to the hatching natural fly. My selection includes some of the older classic patterns e.g. Lansdale and Lough Erne Gosling as well as modern flies with muddler heads and bodies of gold and pearl. Fished in teams of three on floating or intermediate lines they are all proven fish catchers during the Mayfly season and beyond.

I tie the body of this pattern with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No14. Medium Claret:  Click Here

For a darker body use No 15 Dark Claret.

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Black Assed Mayfly

This wet mayfly pattern was given to me by Howard Black of kesh.Co. Fermanagh.Not many mayfly patterns have black in the body but this is a beautiful fly which has been fished successfully on Lough Erne for over thirty years.
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The Perfect Partridge Mayfly - New For 2017

A new pattern which I designed during the winter.I love the combination of body and hackle colours.Fish it on the top or middle dropper in a team of wets.
Let me know if you have success.
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Sooty Head Partridge Mayfly -New For 2017

It is useful during the Mayfly to have a combination/variation of fly colours from dark to light, in ranges of Olives and Yellows.
This is a new pattern I designed recently to fish on the middle or the point.
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