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Add Leeda premium tapered leaders.

Mayflies Mayflies

Mayflies Galore

With almost 100 different trout flyfishing mayflies specially tied for Irish lakes and rivers we are your best choice for that magic time of year.


Dry Mayflies (49)

 Irish brown and raindow trout favourites including O’Connor's and Moselys,Wulffs ,Spents and modern CDC patterns.

Spent Mayflies (13)

For all your spent gnat fishing .A selection of traditional and modern CDC spents.

Wet Mayflies (36)

Trout are fished in teams of three on floating or intermediate lines these are proven fish catchers during the mayfly season and beyond. 

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Klinkhammer Mayfly

A new pattern for 2018. A klinkhammer style fly which has all the attributes of colour and shape for a successful fish catcher. Try it out this season.

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CDC Mayfly Moss

New for 2018.

This pattern was invented by Dennis as an imitation of the Dun or the newly emerged fly.With a wing of CDC it is easy to see in any light and it holds up well in a big wave. Its initial success was on Lough Sheelin but it will prove effective on any lough where mayfly hatch.

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New for 2018

This mayfly is a slight variation on Dennis Mosse's Ginger Mayfly (Modified) which is in the revised edition of his book "Trout From A Boat" It is a beautiful little pattern which sits low in the water and yet is easily seen by the angler due to its artic fox wing.

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Digby's Mayfly

Digby's Mayfly . A fly pattern given to me by Ann Kyne of Clonbur.Ann runs the local fishing tackle store there. A favourite on Lough Mask.

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The Perfect Partridge Mayfly - New For 2017

A new pattern which I designed during the winter.I love the combination of body and hackle colours.Fish it on the top or middle dropper in a team of wets.
Let me know if you have success.
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Sooty Head Partridge Mayfly -New For 2017

It is useful during the Mayfly to have a combination/variation of fly colours from dark to light, in ranges of Olives and Yellows.
This is a new pattern I designed recently to fish on the middle or the point.
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Yellow Wulff Single Post

Many early wulff patterns were tied with a single post. The idea, i believe was to represent the mayfly as it is just hatching in the surface film. This is the Yellow version.

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