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Add Leeda premium tapered leaders.

Past Years

Every year we bring in new fly ranges for your trout and salmon fly fishing. Here are the last few years of patterns.


2016 (34)

In 2016 we introduced a new range of Biot flies including Dabblers and Traditional Wets with Goose Biot sides. These proved extreemely successful espically on loughs Corrib and Mask in Galway and Mayo

2015 (41)

2015 Lures Nymphs and Mayflies

New range of lures, Nymphs, buzzers, lake river drives, bumbles, Daddies and hoppers to try our on your waters. The wide new range of lures are due to a demand from still water anglers

2014 (15)

Salmon and Sea trout were what we focused on in 2014, we brought the following new flies, Coneheads and Shrimp patterns for river and lake fly fishing

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