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Fly Fishing Accessories Fly Fishing Accessories



Fly Fisherman Tools Set

This great set of Fly Fishing tools is an Ideal gift for a trout or salmon Fly Fisherman. Even if they have some of these tools, its never any harm to have a spare.

Sigma Tool Set:

  • Magnetic Net Retainer and Lanyard
  • Double Zigner
  • Cutter with Tools
  • Tippet Spool Holder

Gink - Dry Fly Dressing

Gehrke’s Dry Fly Dressing  is now 28 years old. It is the first commercially offered, safe, dry fly dressing that floated flies repeatedly. Its' features and functions are unique in the world of chemistry and fly fishing. Gehrke’s ® has a specific gravity of only .77% that of water, which means it's lighter than water. Gehrke’s  is a liquid emulsifier that permeates deep into the body material of dry flies. It will either coat sythetics or penetrate fur or feather.

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Ledasink (Line sinkant)

This popular sink material is used to help sink your leader or tippet material when fly fishing. Instructions for use: Rub two fingers onto the sinkant then grib your tippet between these fingers. pull the tippet through ensuring good coverage. Reapply as often as is required.

Loon Line Up Kit

Line Speed and a handy line speed applicator, with sheepskin line cleaner in hinged wooden holder. Allow line speed to cure for five minutes after application, then buff off excess with a clean cloth.


Loon Blue Ribbon

Specialist floatant for stillwater fishing and CDC flies. Blue Ribbon leaves absolutely no slick in the surface film. Simply place fly and leader tip into the container and shake.

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Loon Easy Dry

Easy Dry from Loon Outdoors is just the thing for drying out saturated flies, ready for a new application of floatant. Place fly and leader tip into the container and shake. Loon Easy Dry can be used many times, and features blue indicator beads which eventually turn pink when dessicant is exhausted.

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Loon HydroStop

Hydrostop permanantly treats new flies with a floatant. Treat hundreds of flies, dozens at a time. Flies allowed to soak for 5 minutes and then dried overnight will float higher when they are used.

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Loon Top Ride

Dries out saturated flies AND coats them with a floatant. Place the fly and leader tip into the container and shake. Excels with larger flies and leaves no slick on the water.

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Sigma Cutter with Tools

Featuring a carbon steel construction, this great value multi-tool features 3 useful tools and a hole for zinger attachment.


Sigma Double Zigner

The Shakespeare Sigma Double Zinger is perfect for holding twice as many tools as the single zinger. It features a 50cm reach cord and a magnetic fly spot for temporarily holding a fly in place.

Sigma Magnetic Net Retainer and Lanyard

Keep your net to hand with this essential net magnet and lanyard.

Code: 1294097


  • Strong magnet
  • Lightweight and strong carbon steel clip and rings
  • Strong flexible lanyard included.

Sigma Tippet Spool Holder

Shakespeare Sigma Tippet Spool Holder. Holds tippet / leeder spools securley ans conviently. Capacity for 6 tippet spools.

Veniard Amadou Patch

A rare natural Amadou fungus which without damaging fly hackle has been used for over a century to dry water saturated fishing flies . Its water absorbing abilities is quite amazing. The Veniard Amadou Patch is manufactured with this natural fungus and attached to a smart Leatherette holder with a ‘D’ ring to attach to your clothing / zinger for easy instant access, great for quickly reviving CDC or any other dry fly. Embossed with the Veniard logo.
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