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Add Leeda premium tapered leaders.

Trout Flies Trout Flies

About Our Trout Fly Range

We have a wide range of trout flies to cover all types of fly fishing in rivers and lakes throughout the season. We have subdivided them into the categories below. You will also notice on the top right of each fishing fly image, an icon depicting the time of year when the fly is most successful.


Mayflies (93)

Mayflies Galore

With almost 100 different trout flyfishing mayflies specially tied for Irish lakes and rivers we are your best choice for that magic time of year.

Bumbles (18)

Classic Kingsmill Moore's Bumbles and my own modern soft hackle patterns for fishing in the surface film.

Dennis Moss Patterns (35)

The essential Dennis Moss patterns for the serious lough fisherman and the reservoir angler.

Daddies-Hoppers (29)

This selection gives a wide range of both dry and wet flies to imitate the Daddy-Long-Legs or Crane fly which appears from June to September.

Nymphs/Buzzers (47)

A range of patterns for river and lake, covering freshwater shrimp, midge pupae, epoxy buzzer, dry buzzer & sedge pupae patterns.

Stimulators (10)

Tied with wings of deer hair and top quality cock hackles, the stimulators buoyancy and mobility make them ideal for traditional lough style “top of the water” fishing. Fish from March to September

Trout Lures (47)

A comprehensive range of Lures for both wild Lough and reservoirs. 

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