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Lough Mask Lough Mask



Grey Buzzer (Moss)

Anyone who has read Dennis's book “Trout From A Boat” will realise how particular the author is in his choice of body colours and correct fly proportion. This range, which reflects these important properties, covers all the essential patterns needed for fishing Corrib and Mask. Dennis's favourite early season wet fly patterns are included along with nymphs, buzzer patterns, wet and dry olives, mayfly and sedges. This is a must have range for the serious Lough fisherman who fish the wild Irish Loughs. However, the patterns will prove invaluable on any lake or reservoir where similar fly hatches occur.
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Green Peter

This is the most popular sedge pattern fished in Ireland.It is a classic dressing of the classic sedge,with soft genetic cock saddle tied at the front for movement, suggesting the struggling or hatching fly.It is fished from March to September for wild and stocked fish and is particularly good during the mayfly season.I tie all the bodiesof my Green Peters with Traditional Irish Dubbing No.9 Green Olive

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Kate Mc Laren

The kate Mc Laren is one of the most famous of Scottish Wet flies.
It is generally fished on the top dropper in a team of wet flies.
It's fame has spread far from it's country of origin and it is a big favourite on the Irish loughs.It can be fished right through the season from March to September. This pattern is beautifully tied and is an excellent representation of the original pattern.
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Cock Robin

An old pattern that is still very popular. Anglers fish it on the point from April on. A particular favourite on Loughs Erne and Mask. Fish it on the point in a team of three wets.

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Silver Daddy

This is one of my most popular Daddies. It can be fished anywhere on the cast, alot of anglers preferring to fish it on the point.It is fished successfully all over the British Isles for stocked and wild fish. A particular favourite on Lough Melvin and Lough Mask.

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International Dabbler

I tied this pattern in the mid 1990's for the Irish ladies team who were fishing the home International on Lough Melvin.It has been a firm favourite since then.It is fished on the point in March when it is undoubtedly taken for shrimp.It is also is an all round favourite from April right through to September, fished generally on the top dropper for wild or stocked fish. A superbly dressed fly in split wing dabbler style.


The body of this fly is tied with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No 41 Orange Olive Click here.

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Green Dabbler

The Green Dabbler is one of the most popular fished anywhere on the cast .A particular favourite wet fly pattern at mayfly time.This particular pattern has a front hackle as well as a palmered body hackle.It is a beautifully tied example of the dabbler series.See also Claret dabbler,Sooty Olive Dabbler,International Dabbler,Cock Robin dabbler.The body of this fly is tied with my Traditional Irish Dubbing No.2 Medium Olive.

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Claret Dabbler

One of the best Dabbler patterns around. A must have fly for the serious Lough Angler. Will work from March to September.

This fly body is tied with:

Traditional Irish Dubbing No.14 Click here.

Out of stock
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Moss Mayfly Ginger

This is one of a trio of authentic Dennis Moss Mayfly patterns in my collection. It is extremely popular. Dennis invented this pattern over 20 years ago and it is still one of his mainstay patterns. He states " The Ginger May accounted for my biggest brown from Corrib. It is a must have pattern for the time of year for which it was designed,and very good during the day and for the early part of the Mayfly hatch when the trout are feeding exclusively on duns." (Quote from "Trout and Salmon- The Essential Guide to Irish Lough Fishing" by Dennis Moss.) See also Moss Mayfly Grey and Moss Mayfly Green.

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Telephone Golden

A beautifully tied general wet fly pattern that will work for trout /sea trout and in bigger sizes salmon. It has great movement/colour/and flash. A particular favourite with world cup anglers on Lough Mask.
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Telephone Claret

This is a beautifully tied version of a fly that has stayed a lough favourite.It is successful all over Ireland fished from March to September.
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CDC Green Peter Hopper

This is probably one of my more popular hoppers.I designed it with the colours of the Green Peter sedge in mind.It is tied with top quality CDC feathers and American genetic cock hackles. A super floater.

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Muddler Mayfly (Mask)

Designed at the same time as the Muddler Mayfly Corrib, this is one of my best selling patterns developed for Lough Mask. A great top dropper pattern at mayfly time and during the rest of the season. Fish it on the top dropper where like all muddlers it will create a disturbance and attract fish.
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