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Lough Carra Lough Carra

Lough Carra is the largest marl lake in Ireland and is part of the Great Western Lakes complex. It covers 1,560 hectares and is joined to Lough Mask by the Keel River. It has many islands and a ragged shoreline with a plethora of bays and promontories, all on a bedrock of limestone.

Lough Carra became famous in the angling community as a top rate, wild brown trout fishery where the trout were free-rising and massive hatches of mayfly, olives and sedges provided the fly fisherman with some of the best opportunities to carry out the traditional techniques of lough-style trout fishing. Unfortunately, changes in the ecology of the lake caused by modern, intensive agriculture in the catchment have resulted in a significant decline in the quality of the trout fishing. The Angling section provides limited information on catch statistics (which will be added to as further historical data are processed), a summary of the current regulations and a map showing some of the features of relevance to anglers.



CDC Dark Olive Mayfly

designed this pattern about four years ago and it has become a firm favourite everywhere at Mayfly time..It is designed to sit right in the surface film.The CDC Dark Olive Mayfly is now available in size 10 and size 12.

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Claret Dabbler

If I was allowed only one dabbler pattern then this would be it. A must have fly for the serious lough angler it will work from March to September, everywhere from the big wild loughs to the small stocked fisheries.Fish it anywhere on the cast.

This fly body is tied with:

Traditional Irish Dubbing No.14 Click here.

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French Partridge Mayfly Wet

This is one of the oldest and best wet mayfly patterns.

Fish it successfully anywhere on the cast and on any lough where there are mayfly.

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Green Wulff

Wulff patterns first became popular in Ireland in the Mid 1990's. They were immediately successful .The most popular pattern early on was the Grey wulff which was fished as a spent gnat imitation.Gradually other patterns followed and this green pattern is probably the most popular of them. It is a great fly during hatches of green drake.

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International Dabbler

I tied this pattern in the mid 1990's for the Irish ladies team who were fishing the Home International on Lough Melvin.It has been a firm favourite since then.It is fished on the point in March(a big favourite on Corrib and Mask) when it is undoubtedly taken for shrimp.It is also an all round favourite from April right through to September, fished generally on the top dropper for wild or stocked fish. A superbly dressed fly in split wing dabbler style.


The body of this fly is tied with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No 41 Orange Olive Click here.

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Moss Mayfly Ginger

This is one of a trio of authentic Dennis Moss Mayfly patterns in my collection. It is extremely popular. Dennis invented this pattern over 20 years ago and it is still one of his mainstay patterns. He states " The Ginger May accounted for my biggest brown from Corrib. It is a must have pattern for the time of year for which it was designed,and very good during the day and for the early part of the Mayfly hatch when the trout are feeding exclusively on duns." (Quote from "Trout and Salmon- The Essential Guide to Irish Lough Fishing" by Dennis Moss.) See also Moss Mayfly Grey and Moss Mayfly Green.

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Moss Mayfly Green

This is one of a trio of authentic Dennis Moss Mayfly patterns in my collection.It is extremely popular in the West of Ireland particularly on Loughs Corrib and Mask.A must have for May. See also Moss Mayfly Grey and Moss Mayfly Ginger.

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O'Connors Yellow

This is the yellow version of the original O'Connors Green Mayfly.
I have substitted a grizzle hackle dyed yellow for the original red game hackle.It is a particular favourite on Loughs Erne and Conn. On the latter a size 12 is favoured.
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Rollover Mayfly Olive

A great little Mayfly from Patsy Deery to have on your mayfly trip.The design encourages the fly to roll over on its side in a breeze and this movement on the surface is very attractive to trout.See also Rollover Grey and Rollover Yellow.

Out of stock
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Rollover Mayfly Yellow

This is one of a series of patterns designed by one of Ireland's most famous fly dressers Patsy Deery of Cootehill. Patsy is the author of "Irish Mayflies-A fly-fishers guide."

Patsy designed the style of fly to imitate the newly hatched mayfly duns as they are blown across the surface of the water. This is a deadly pattern when fished across the wave,twitched and bobbed. It is a great favourite on Loughs Mask and Carra but will work literally anywhere mayfly are hatching.There are two other versions Roll-Over Grey and Roll-Over Olive.

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Sooty Olive

This selection includes a mixture of classic patterns from the Mallard and Claret, Fiery Brown, Golden Olive and Sooty Olive through to modern favourites like the Telephone Fly. I have made some variations to classics like the Butcher, Pearly Invicta, Peter Ross and Alexandra, giving them painted eyes or adding holographic tinsel bodies. This has generated new interest in these patterns.

This fly body is tied with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No.3

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Sooty Olive Dabbler

I dressed this pattern as a variant of the dabbler style with a front hackle.I like wide ribs in some of my patterns to add flash.
This beautifully dressed fly is one of my most popular, fished right throughout the year anywhere on a wet fly cast.
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Yellow Wulff

This part of my Dry Mayfly range which incorporates both traditional and modern patterns. Made up of local Irish favourites like the Mosely and O'Connor Mayflies; this selection includes Wulff patterns from America and a range of new flies from Dennis Moss. The range also includes flies I have designed incorporating wings of CDC which have been very effective over the past few seasons.

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Yellow Wulff (Parachute)

Wulff patterns have been fished successfully on Irish loughs during the mayfly season for nearly 20 years.The Yellow Green and Royal wulffs are the most popular during the mayfly hatch,with the Grey Wulff a particular favourite during a fall of spent gnat.
For 2012 I decided to introduce some parachute versions of these popular flies.See also Green Wulff (Parachute).
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