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Flies By River Flies By River


River Drowes (8)

The river Drowes drains from Lough Melvin to the sea in a short six mile journey.It opens on the first of January and has  a spring run.The grilse run from May onwards.


River Moy (13)

The Moy is one of Ireland's largest salmon rivers popular with anglers worldwide.The patterns below are some of the most popular fished there. Size of fly ranges from large size 6 and 8  trebles in high water to size 14 trebles and small tubes in low water/summer conditions .



River Mourne/ Strule (13)

The Mourne/ Strule are beautiful rivers in the same system (Foyle) in Northern Ireland.They have miles of  salmon fishing  and some excellent  brown trout fishing and below are some of the most popular patterns fished there. Size 6 and 8 flies and coneheads are the order of the day in high water with size 14 's and small tubes in low water /summer conditions.The system usually gets a run of late summer fish and is open until October.


River Corrib (6)

The River Corrib in the west of Ireland flows from Lough Corrib through Galway city to Galway Bay. The river is among the shortest in Europe, but has a fantastic salmon run from May to August.This is a range of salmon fish flies that are popular on the river Corrib.

Colebrook River (Fermanagh) (2)

The Colebrooke River is a river in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Its source is in the Sliabh Beagh mountains where it is known as the Many Burns. The river flows in a south-westerly direction, through Maguiresbridge, before merging with the Tempo River and finally entering Upper Lough Erne near Inishcollan, Lisnaskea



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