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Add Leeda premium tapered leaders.

Varnish and Glues



Cellire Varnish Clear

Cellire No 1. Clear varnish regarded as the best varnish for all your trout and salmon fly heads.

Note. Picture represents pack. Bottles are sold and priced individually.

Colours available.Clear/Black/ White/Red

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Veniard Unitit Thinners

Veniards Cellire Varnish is used as a head cement for fly tying. Designed to securely finish off the heads of your favourite flies or coat the body of your buzzers. Creates a solid, glossy look after just a few applicants.

Available in a range of colours: Black, Clear, Red, and White.

Out of stock
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Fulling Mill World Class Super Glue

Water resistant formula provides extra power instantly. Essential for fly dressing, tackle repairs on the hoof, fly line loop preparation and general waterside backup.
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