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Dubbing Dubbing


CDC Dubbing (13)

This Section contains CDC Dubbing is a hand made product which contains natural CDC fibres which have been stripped off the flue to create a fine, very buoyant dubbing which is perfect for dry flies. The CDC fibres surround themselves with tiny air bubbles and this, combined with their mobility, also makes it an excellent dubbing for nymph and sub surface patterns.

Irish Sparkling Dubbing (14)

Irish Sparkle Dubbing comes in a range packets and we have twelve colour dubbing dispenser box. This dubbing offers an exceptional addition to the fly-tyers armoury giving added translucency and sparkle to patterns.

Traditional Irish Dubbing (53)

Traditional Irish Dubbing has been developed and used by Frankie Mc Phillips for over 25 years in tying flies commercially for the Irish market. The 48 shades will enable the fly-dresser to tie the widest and most authentic range of Irish Trout and Salmon flies possible, from the old favourites, i.e. Mallard and Claret, Sooty and Golden Olives to the newer Bumble and Dabbler patterns.



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