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Trout & Salmon Flies


Trout Flies (544)

About Our Trout Fly Range

We have a wide range of trout flies to cover all types of fly fishing in rivers and lakes throughout the season. We have subdivided them into the categories below. You will also notice on the top right of each fishing fly image, an icon depicting the time of year when the fly is most successful.

Salmon Flies (124)

A Comprehensive range of Salmon Flies for Ireland and destination fishing worldwide.

Pike Flies (7)

Tied on 4/0 single hooks our Pike fly range includes Bombers which are excellent top of the water attractors and fry imitations which can be fished sub surface.

New Flies (164)

Every year we come up with new flies resulting from feedback from fishermen on the Irish Lakes and Rivers. This year is no different, below we have a selection of flies that we're sure you'll be thrilled with.

Please visit again. We will be adding new flies throughout the season.

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