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Salmon Flies Salmon Flies

A Comprehensive range of Salmon Flies for Ireland and destination fishing worldwide.


Bottleneck Tubes (8)

I designed these patterns based on the colours of classic shrimp and featherwing flies. They are tied on brass and silver bottleneck tubes in sizes that are suitable for fishing small to large rivers.

Conehead Tubes (6)

Conehead Tubes are for use while fishing for salmon in heavy water and deep pools.

Doubles (11)

This range of Salmon flies tied on Partridge Salar double hooks is a mix of traditional favourites and modern patterns. Hook colours as stated in gold, silver and traditional black.

Sea Trout Flies (21)

These sea trout patterns will work well in Scotland and Ireland and can also be fished for summer grilse.

Singles (24)

A selection of popular patterns tied on single hooks. With catch and release becoming more popular these can be debarrbed according to the Anglers preference.

Standard Double Mustad (6)

A range of popular Salmon Flies tied on quality Mustad Double hooks.

Trebles (34)

A comprehensive range of classic shrimp patterns and hairwings, with modern variants tied on gold hooks. All flies tied on Esmond Drury treble hooks.

Tubes (12)

Tied on plastic tubes with the exception of the Collie Dog, Drowes Dawn (Aluminium) and Cascade (Copper). These plastic tube patterns are very successful for summer grilse. To fish, attach your choice of single double or treble hook.

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