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New Top Page 27th Oct 2017


Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips

We are busy preparing our Christmas Shopping list, with many speical offers for you to enjoy. These new offers wil be appearing over the next few weeks so PLEASE come back to see what we have to offer 


Please enquire at your local stockist as many have great selections of my trout and salmon flies.  They will also be able to order them for you.     See stockists section on my website. (Retail Outlets)


Frankie Mc Phillips

“Our reputation depends upon our quality”


In Season Flies

Salmon Double

Silver Doctor

Hook colours as stated in gold, silver and traditional black....


Apache Shrimp Single BH


Garry Dog Single


Wilkinson Shrimp JC Single BH


Silver Stoat Tail Single BH


Calvin Shrimp Single JC


Beltra Badger Single


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