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End Summer Salmon Top


Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips


I have been tying flies for 35 years and have a well established Fishing Tackle Shop in The Buttermarket, Enniskillen in the centre of Fermanagh’s Lakeland’s for over 20 years. I have personally tied over two hundred thousand fishing flies, both traditional patterns and my own exclusive fly designs. My knowledge of patterns has been enhanced and inspired by the many customers from home and abroad who have called at my shop, some on their way to fishing in Ireland’s great Rivers and Lakes and others to destination fishing worldwide.


My branded range of fishing flies reflects the needs of the modern day angler, whether fishing the Hill Lochs of Donegal or the mighty Yokanga on the Kola Peninsula. Fly Tying and Fly Fishing continually evolve and the internet gives us instant access to what is fishing both locally and worldwide at any moment in time. I know that this trusted collection of superb quality fly patterns, tying materials and fishing tackle will meet the changing demands of the traditional and modern day angler / fly dresser.


The FLY range in is a mixture of old traditional patterns, variants and new patterns, many of which where designed by me. The use of the correct colour blends of Traditional Irish Dubbing in the dressings gives them an authenticity and uniqueness which distinguishes them from other fly brands. The quality of materials used in their tying is superb and the resultant dressings are continually monitored and checked by myself to ensure a product that is truly world class. I hope you enjoy fishing the patterns listed on my website as much as I have in bringing them to you.


Good Fishing,

Frankie Mc Phillips


“Our reputation depends upon our quality”


In Season Flies

Salmon Double

Silver Doctor


Hook colours as stated in gold, silver and traditional black....

Salmon Single

Calvin Shrimp JC Single


Our Salmon Singles are a mix of classic and modern patterns that can be fished with

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