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Working on test top home


Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips


With the game fishing season almost over now is the time to get fly tying!

Have a look at the  new range of fly tying materials on our website which we will be adding extensively to over the next few weeks.

Danvilles tying silks are probably the best tying silks in the world. Have a look at our range. Also tools by Veniard , Anvil,and Streamworks.

Add sparkle to your fly patterns new and old  with my new range of Irish Sparkle dubbing. Twelve exciting colours which can be bought in packets or in a dubbing dispenser box. All colours currently in stock.of Irish sparkle and Traditional Irish Dubbing.


Good Tying,

Frankie Mc Phillips“Our reputation depends upon our quality”


Fly Tying Help

Material's Pack

Material's Pack



Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide to Fly Tying



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