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6 Mayflies April 2014


Pearly Duckfly

A great new pattern for your duck fly fishing in April which also works as a general wet fly with sides of pearly tinsel.

Anderson's Spent

A spent gnat from Lough Erne invented by Sam Anderson of Clabby. Will work everywhere gnat fall and it is a firm favourite on Lough Derg. Some anglers trim the hackle to enable the fly to fish in the surface film.

Yellow Wulff (Red Butt)

Not sure what Lee Wulff would have made of this but it is becoming one of my most popular mayfly dries.

CDC Dark Olive Mayfly

I invented this pattern about four years ago. It has loads of CDC in a beautiful colour combination and sits flat in the surface film. A firm favourite at mayfly time on all Irish Loughs.


Goulden's Favourite

A wet version of the famous dry fly pattern from Courtenay Williams "Dictionary Of Trout Flies.

Golden Olive Deer Tail Bumble

A variant on the Golden Olive Bumble with the addition of deer hair in the wing which gives the fly extra buoyancy when fished in the surface film. Firm top dropper favourite from April on.


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