CDC Corrib Mayfly Olive

CDC Corrib Mayfly Olive

Price: £1.95
Bibio (JC)

Bibio (JC)

Price: £1.80
Green Wulff

Green Wulff

Price: £1.75

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Popular Mayfly Bottom Page for 2017


Popular Flies for April

Goldhead Hare's Ear Nymph

April Fly

A classic all rounder for river and lake generally fished on the point . . .

Olive Dun Dry

A classic all round pattern for Olives for river and lake. . .

Popular Flies for April

Dog Fly (Moss)

April Flies

Dennis's classic pattern for hatch midge in March, April, May . . .

Post Hackle Olive Midge

Dennis Moss's famous hatching olive pattern for April and May on Corrib. . .

Flies For May

Mosley Mayfly Flat

This part of my Dry Mayfly range which incorporates both tradiition

Lough Arrow (Variant)

Wet Mayfly patterns are numerous and vary greatly in colour . . .