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Working on Home Top on 18th June 2015 for Salmon


Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips

With the game fishing season  getting into full swing now is the time to look at my new ranges of trout and salmon flies for 2015. We will be updating all our stocks of fishing tackle and flies over the next week or so.  Now is the time to get fly tying and fishing.


Have a look at the new range of fly tying materials on our website which we will be adding to over the next few weeks.


Danvilles tying silks are probably the best tying silks in the world.

Have a look at our range.


Also tools by Veniard , Anvil, and Streamworks.


Add sparkle to your fly patterns new and old  with my new range of Irish Sparkle Dubbing. Twelve exciting colours which can be bought in packets or in a dubbing dispenser box.

All colours are currently in stock of Irish Sparkle and Traditional Irish Dubbing.

Good Tying,

Frankie Mc Phillips

“Our reputation depends upon our quality”


Bronze Mallard



guinea fowl for flytying

Guinea Fowl


In Season Flies

Salmon Double

Silver Doctor

  Hook colours as stated in gold, silver and traditional black....

Salmon Single

Calvin Shrimp JC Single


 Our Salmon Singles are a mix of classic and modern patterns that can be fished with confidence anywhere

Clayton's Cascade JC GH

A Modern variant of the Cascade Shrimp. Very successful on the Rivers Moy.

Eany Tailfire Shrimp

A fiery coloured shrimp which fishes well far beyond it's original River Eany in Co Donegal

Willie Gunn GH

A classic pattern which will fish anywhere for Atlantic salmon, tied on a Gold Treble hook

Comet Copper Tube

Originally made popular on the Tweed. This is an early season favourite throughout Ireland and the UK.

Sunray Shadow Brooks PI

The original dressing made famous in Norway but now fished worldwide

Ballinderry Black Hanna

A beautiful fly for Dollaghan Trout from the legendry Tomma Hanna of Moneymore

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