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Top AREA used uptp 13th July 2016


Welcome to FLY by Frankie McPhillips

March is the beginning of the fishing season when many waters open again for trout and salmon fishing. As you're aware the weather can still be cool, particularly in the evenings and nights. Fish are starting to become more active however and are beginning to feed voraciously as they attempt to put on weight after the winter months.


Have a look below at the NEW flies for 2016 . . .Happy Fishing!


Frankie Mc Phillips

“Our reputation depends upon our quality”


Click here for Dennis Moss Fly Fishing Patterns

Click here for Fly Fishing Bubble bee patterns by Kingsmill moore and frankie mc Phillips

Click here for Dabbler fly fishing Patterns

Guinea Fowl



Are you ready for May Fishing    

Fly Tying Hints

Material's Pack




Beginner's Guide




Salmon Double

Silver Doctor


Salmon Single

Calvin Shrimp JC Single


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