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New Product
Greys GR60 Single Handed Fly Rods

Greys GR60 Single Handed Fly Rods

Weight: 0.400 Kgs
Code: GR60-1

Introducing the new Greys GR60 4pc Single Handed Fly Rods An extensive range of high performance, modern fly rods including single handed, double handed and switch models. These are Grey's first fly rods that utilise their tried and tested TOREON® nano blank technology. The TOREON® technology within the new GR60 range helps not only create vastly stronger/lighter rod blanks, but by controlling the amount of resin in certain areas Greys have developed much more refined and responsive actions.

  • length - Weight:

Technology remains critical to the Greys brand. In 2012, the launch of the Toreon ‘nano' particle carp rods solidified its reputation for applying innovation to create a performance advantage for the angler.

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