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Greys Boat Bag

Greys Boat Bag

Weight: 0.500 Kgs
Code: GreysBoatBag01

Greys Boat Bag

Summary of Features

  • Adaptable reel/tackle station
  • Greys foam fly keeper
  • EVA waterproof base
  • Ultra-padded shoulder strap
  • Waterproof rain cover which tucks into side pocket
  • Extremely durable rip stop outer material

When boat fishing, excellent organisation and space management is vital. You also need plenty of space because you may be away from the shore for an extended period. Staying afloat and therefore more time fishing requires a piece of fishing luggage that will contain everything you need for a long days fishing. For example, essential items such as lunch, drinks, waterproofs, tackle boxes, spare gear and a variety of fishing lines for every situation are paramount. Therefore, more equipment means you need a bigger fishing bag and the Greys Boat Bag fits the bill nicely.

Size-wise, it is long and slim but significant in term of dimensions. It has an impressive 500mm x 330mm x 260mm (W x H x D), which is substantial. However, because of its long form, it can be stowed away under a boat seat without obstructing movement and potentially causing a trip or fall. A seasoned boat angler will love this bag because it is so roomy. Fly fishing enthusiasts will particularly enjoy using this bag, especially if you like to carry multiple fly boxes and fly reels.

Greys have really thought this bag out and have placed a multitude of handy zipped pockets on the outside of the bag. The pockets also have many convenient mesh pockets at the front to access all your essential bits of gear. There is a selection of sizes, useful for specific items, such as a long one on the front for lures or bigger fly boxes. At the top of the bag, there is a particularly significant pocket for storing loads of gear with two snap-lock plastic buckles for fastening. On top of that is a further two zipped pockets which can be used for quick access items such a spools of nylon, of fly fishing leader tippet.

On the inside of the bag, you can expect a generously deep compartment for storing multiple fly reels, fly spools, and fly lines. Also, there is an internally zipped lid for extra protection against the weather and padded Velcro dividers that you can set to whichever configuration suits you and your fishing on the day. So this can easily be adapted if your main pursuit is Pike fishing. Alternatively, if fly fishing is your preference, the Greys Boat Bag comes with a foam fly keeper to allow quick fly changes. Another important feature to note is the sturdy zips and zip pulls. During trials, these were tested to exhaustion and failure, therefore, ensuring years of snag free usage. And of course, you have the stunning Greys colour and design, highly distinctive and characteristic of Greys quality.

Greys listen to anglers and review all their tackle bags to ensure every function is useful. For example, the material is a very durable rip-stop outer which has a sufficiently waterproof EVA rubber bottom to protect the contents from wet boat decks. If things were to take a turn for the worst and a low-pressure system decides to make an appearance and dump buckets of water on you, the bag has a convenient waterproof rain cover in one of the side compartments. Merely pull the rain cover out, cover the bag, and make sure the elasticated edge sits tightly under the bottom of the bag. The Greys Boat Bag is finished off with sturdy and reliable zip pulls and a very comfortably-padded shoulder strap to prevent it digging into your shoulder when carrying it to the boat.

It is a bag system that adapts with the angler. The compartments are very intelligent and have everything the serious boat angler needs for a full day on the water. Long periods away from the bank are commonplace, especially when competition fly fishing or saltwater fishing, therefore you need luggage that will cater to all your requirements. It could make the difference between winning and losing. The Greys Boat Bag is undoubtedly a piece of fishing equipment you really need to consider.

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