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Weight: 0.100 Kgs
Code: S19444 Saltwater Fly Wallett-S

Snowbee Saltwater Fly Wallet - Large

Each Snowbee Saltwater Fly Wallet holds 12 Self-seal bags, each capable of holding 10-20 large Pike / Saltwater flies. That's over 200 flies, enough for an entire trip, in just one Fly Wallet! Imagine how many conventional fly boxes you would need for that! These sets of bags are removable, so you can keep spare sets, pre-filled with flies for different species. On the front of the wallets is a mesh pocket for tools, leaders etc. You will also appreciate the belt loop to carry your wallet on the waist, or a clip to attach to any convenient D-ring.

Fly Boxes vary from more traditional designs such as the alloy and wooden boxes to injection moulded plastic designs. With variations of these types you may find the inside of the box has been configured to accept a range of fly sizes and types. For example the dry fly angler will want a compartment box to prevent hackles from being crushed on closure of the box. Non compartment boxes are generally lined with foam – this can be flat, ridged or slotted. Slots allow you to reverse the bend of the hook into the slot, you can then take the fly in and out many times without damaging the foam.

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