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Delphi Daddy (Bead Eye) Cinnamon

Delphi Daddy (Bead Eye) Cinnamon

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: SWF004-1

These three saltwater patterns for Bonefish were devised by Peter Mantle of Delphi Lodge Leenane in Connemara. They were designed and tied for the opening of The Delphi Club Abaco, Bahamas in 2009. The three patterns have proved to be extremely successful for Bonefish in their opening season. For information on Delphi fishing at home and abroad see and

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The flies in this website are a mixture of old traditional patterns, variants and new patterns many of which were invented by Frankie McPhillips. The use of correct colour blends of traditional Irish Dubbing in the dressings gives them an authenticity and uniqueness which, distinguishes them from other fly brands. Their quality is superb and this is continually monitored and checked by Frankie to ensure the highest standards.
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