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New Product
Moss Mayfly Grey

Moss Mayfly Grey

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: DMF058-1

This is one of a trio of authentic Dennis Moss Mayfly patterns in my collection. It is extremely popular in the West of Ireland. Dennis says of it. "This fly imitates the last phase of the Mayfly cycle-the adult spinner or spent phase. I have huge confidence in this and the Ginger mayfly,and whereas the Ginger is the fly for the duns,the Grey is the pattern for the gnat rise. Towards the latter half of the Mayfly hatch,and for the evening fall of spent fly,the Grey comes into its own.It is a big trout fly with a long pedigree. I have yet to fish a lough in Ireland where the trout refuse it."(Quote from "Trout and Salmon- The Essential Guide to Irish Lough Fishing" by Dennis Moss.) See also Moss Mayfly Green and Moss Mayfly Ginger.

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Anyone who has read Dennis's book “Trout From A Boat” will realise how particular the author is in his choice of body colours and correct fly proportion. This range, which reflects these important properties, covers all the essential patterns needed for fishing Corrib and Mask. Dennis's favourite early season wet fly patterns are included along with nymphs, buzzer patterns, wet and dry olives, mayfly and sedges. This is a must have range for the serious Lough fisherman who fish the wild Irish Loughs. However, the patterns will prove invaluable on any lake or reservoir where similar fly hatches occur.
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