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CDC Mayfly Grizzle (Yellow) Parachute

CDC Mayfly Grizzle (Yellow) Parachute

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: DMF081-1

This parachute pattern I based on the very popular CDC Mayfly Grizzle pattern which has had great success on Lough Corrib. It has a high CDC wing which makes it easy to see for a pattern that sits in the surface film.A beautifully dressed pattern with high quality genetic yellow grizzle dry fly hackle and CDC.

  • Size 10 Only:
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This part of my Dry Mayfly range which incorporates both traditional and modern patterns. Made up of local Irish favourites like the Mosely and O'Connor Mayflies; this selection includes Wulff patterns from America and a range of new flies from Dennis Moss. The range also includes flies I have designed incorporating wings of CDC which have been very effective over the past few seasons.
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