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Royal Wulff

Royal Wulff

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: DMF067-1

One of the most popular of the Wulff patterns designed by Lee Wulff. This fly commands space in every fly box. Many anglers consider it an attractor fly, enticing fish under a wide range of water and light conditions. It has proven itself on Loughs Erne, Sheelin and Derg and is becoming a favourite fly for many anglers at Mayfly time on all the great western lakes.

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This part of my Dry Mayfly range which incorporates both traditional and modern patterns. Made up of local Irish favourites like the Mosely and O'Connor Mayflies; this selection includes Wulff patterns from America and a range of new flies from Dennis Moss. The range also includes flies I have designed incorporating wings of CDC which have been very effective over the past few seasons.
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