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Alexandra (Twinkle)

Alexandra (Twinkle)

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: LWF003-2

The original Alexandra is at least over 100 years old.
It was being tied and fished in Ireland in 1910.
A beautiful pattern generally fished as a fry imitation.
I decided a few years ago to vary the dressing a little by painting on a white eye and using silver holographic tinsel on the body.
This new beautifully tied version of a famous classic has proved extremely popular.

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The flies in this website are a mixture of old traditional patterns, variants and new patterns many of which were invented by Frankie McPhillips. The use of correct colour blends of traditional Irish Dubbing in the dressings gives them an authenticity and uniqueness which, distinguishes them from other fly brands. Their quality is superb and this is continually monitored and checked by Frankie to ensure the highest standards.
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