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Connemara Black -Large Lake Wet Size 8

Connemara Black -Large Lake Wet Size 8

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: LLWF20-1

If you want a great point or middle dropper fly for salmon and seatrout then this is the one.It is often used on loughs for spring salmon.Tied on a strong wet fly hook this classic is still as popular as ever from Killarney to the Hebrides.

  • Size 8 Only:
This selection includes a mixture of classic patterns from the Mallard and Claret, Fiery Brown, Golden Olive and Sooty Olive through to modern favourites like the Telephone Fly. I have made some variations to classics like the Butcher, Pearly Invicta, Peter Ross and Alexandra, giving them painted eyes or adding holographic tinsel bodies. This has generated new interest in these patterns.
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