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Black Stimulator

Black Stimulator

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: STM002-1

I have always liked the flies of the great American Fly Dresser Randall Kaufmann.In 2001 Iintroduced Irish traditional colours to his stimulator style.They proved to be a great success.Like there American originals they can be fished wet as fry or hatching nymph representations, or on in the surface film as sedge or mayfly imitators.See the other colours in the range.Green,Fiery Brown,Yellow,Corrib Olive,Claret Golden and Sooty.

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Stimulators were originally designed by the great American Fly dresser Randall Kaufmann. They were tied and fished to represent many different aspects of the trout's diet from hatching sedges to fry imitations. My range of stimulator patterns tied with bodies of Traditional Irish Dubbing are patterns that can be fished right through the fishing season. Tied with wings of deer hair and top quality cock hackles, their buoyancy and mobility make them ideal for traditional lough style �top of the water� fishing. The Claret, Black and Sooty Olive are great early season patterns and are also proven sea trout favourites. The Green, Corrib Olive and Yellow are successful from April onwards and have become extremely popular during the Mayfly season. The Fiery Brown pattern is a useful end of season sedge imitation.
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