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A Guide To Tying Irish Lake Flies Frankie Mc Phillips

A Guide To Tying Irish Lake Flies Frankie Mc Phillips

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: DVD002

In this 74 minute video, the second of his fly tying instructional videos, Frankie demonstrates many specialist techniques and skills acquired in over thirty years as a professional fly dresser. Tying six of Ireland's most popular lough flies, both traditional and modern, Frankie shows us how to tie perfect mallard wings, sedge wings, hairwings, dabbler style wings and demonstrates hackling with Blue Jay.These important tying techniques, once mastered, will enable the tier to tie a vast range of similar lough patterns in the traditional Irish style. In a specialist tips section Frankie shows us how to blend dubbing, demonstrating how to make the elusive shade of Fiery Brown.

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