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Traditional Irish Dubbing Box No.1 (Colours 1 - 12)

Traditional Irish Dubbing Box No.1 (Colours 1 - 12)

Weight: 0.095 Kgs
Code: TIDBX1-1

This dubbing box contains some of the most popular colours used in tying traditional Irish fly patterns.From Sooty Olive and Golden Olive to two shades of Fiery Brown,I use these colours in tying the famous dressings of the same name.Golden Bumble Olive is used in my tying of the Golden Olive Bumble.Green Olive I use for all bodies on my Green Peters.By combining any of these dubbing colours with a body hackle of a similar shade, a tail of cock pheasant tail fibres and a splayed mallard wing you can tie numerous Dabbler patterns.

  • Box Selection:
Traditional Irish Dubbing has been developed and used by Frankie Mc Phillips for over 25 years in tying flies commercially for the Irish market. The 48 shades will enable the fly-dresser to tie the widest and most authentic range of IrishTrout and Salmon flies possible, from the old favourites, i.e. Mallard and Claret, Sooty and Golden Olives to the newer Bumble and Dabbler patterns. Traditional Irish Dubbing is also suitable for tying all your dry and emerger patterns e.g. mayflies and sedges, when used in conjunction with good quality cock hackles. The blends have been authenticated by E.J. Malone, author of “Irish Trout and Salmon Flies”, an expert fly-dresser and probably the country's leading authority on Irish Fly Patterns. Traditional Irish Dubbing is available in packets (48) and boxed selections (4). "The authentic Irish Dubbing for authentic Irish flies"
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