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CDC Dubbing Box 12 Colours

CDC Dubbing Box 12 Colours

Weight: 0.095 Kgs
Code: CDCBX1-1

This box contains, 12 colours, Green Olive, Light Olive, Brown Olive, Medium Olive, Summer Duck, White, Mayfly Olive, Golden Yellow, Grey, Yellow, Sedge Brown and Black.

CDC Dubbing is a hand made product which contains natural CDC fibres which have been stripped off the flue to create a fine, very buoyant dubbing which is perfect for dry flies. The CDC fibres surround themselves with tiny air bubbles and this, combined with their mobility, also makes it an excellent dubbing for nymph and sub surface patterns.

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CDC Dubbing comes in packets or in a twelve colour dispenser box. This dubbing offers an exceptional addition to the fly-tyers armoury.
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