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Weight: 0.001 Kgs
Code: RLD087-1

Dennis Moss says about this dressing of a Caenis imitation  "Tie this pattern in sizes 14-18 for the early morning caenis hatch. The CDC is used as a visual aid and it is amazing just how visible on the water this pattern is. I have no problem seeing it even in the smaller sizes at 25 yards or more and this is important as you have to be certain, with all the natural fly lying on the water, that it is your fly that the fish has taken. This is a fly for a specialised form of fishing”

(Quote from "Trout and Salmon - The Essential Guide to Irish Lough Fishing" by Dennis Moss.)

  • Size 16 Only:

The flies in this website are a mixture of old traditional patterns, variants and new patterns many of which were invented by Frankie McPhillips. The use of correct colour blends of traditional Irish Dubbing in the dressings gives them an authenticity and uniqueness which, distinguishes them from other fly brands. Their quality is superb and this is continually monitored and checked by Frankie to ensure the highest standards.

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