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Irish Stimulators

Irish Stimulators

Weight: 0.001 Kgs
Code: CRD011

Six Irish Stimulators, A great gift for fishing Irish Lakes.

My Irish Stimulators collection has been designed to include 6 of the most popular colour choices for Irish Fly patterens. The range can be fished successfully throughout the season. Origionally designed by the great American fly dresser Randall Kaufmann, the inclusion of deer and elk hair gives the Irish Stimulators a boyancy and mobility that makes them idea for traditional Irish lough style "top of the water fishing".

The Black and Sooty Olive are great early season patterns. The Green, Corrib Olive, and Yellow Stimulators are successfull from April onwards and have become extremely popular during the Mayfly season

  • Green
  • Golden
  • Black
  • Corrib Olive
  • Yellow
  • Sooty Olive

My carded collections of flies contain fly patterns which are tied to a world class standard.

These are flies which are durable and  tied with the best quality materials available.

They are superbly presented on branded high quality card with loads of information on how to fish them etc. on the back of each card.

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