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Veniard French Partridge Hackles

Veniard French Partridge Hackles

Weight: 0.001 Kgs
Code: FPH-01-1


Veniard French Partridge Hackles


Generous size packs of individual colours, the wonderful barred feather from just below the wing





  • Veniard French Partridge Hackles:

French partridge hackles are probably the most popular feather used in  tying wet mayfly patterns.

They are generally tied as the front hackle.They can easily be tied in by the stalk or by the tip.

The natural  French Partridge hackles create some beautiful mayflies when tied in with a natural raffia body and an olive hackle.

Experiment with them using cock hackles of various olive/ yellow  shades as body hackles and partridge hackles as the front hackle.

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