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Kamasan B170 (Box of 100 hooks)

Kamasan B170 (Box of 100 hooks)

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: B-170-2

Kamasan B170

Kamasan B170  Lighter than the B175 but with the same proportions these are ideal for dry flies eg mayflies, river dries etc.

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Regarded by many Fly Tiers as the best available. We have confidence in tying a fishing hook from Kamasan. Made from high carbon steel and then chemically etched to create a sharp point. Once contact has been made with your fish, the Kamasan hook gives you the best opportunity to land that evasive trout. Each Kamasan hook is also treated to a double bronze finish to prevent rusting if it happens to stored wet. (That would NEVER HAPPEN!) Expertly made in Japan, a well know fly tying brand for over 30 years.
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