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New Product
Fiery Brown

Fiery Brown

Weight: 3.000 Kgs
Code: KEN9019

The Firery Brown is one of Ireland's oldest fly patterns, the colour being attributed to the famous fly dresser Michael Rogan of BAllyshannon, Co Donegal. (1833 - 1905) It is just as popular today and is fished for trout, sea trout and salmon all over the British Isles. The print,in a limited edition of one hundred,includes a Fiery Brown fly beautifully tied by Frankie Mc Phillips

Please note that the number on the image may be different to the print available for sale.

The Artist: Fermanagh born artist Marjorie Leonard, is an accomplished watercolourist. A B.A. (Hons) graduate from the University of Ulster, Marjorie is also member of the Ulster Watercolour Society and an exhibitor with the Royal Ulster Academy. Her Paintings are defined by thier essence of light. colour and atmosphere. Marjorie has exhibited widely and her work is included in Art Collections worldwide.

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