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Sooty Erne Dabbler

Sooty Erne Dabbler

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: DAB027-1

This is a completely new dabbler pattern that I have dressed for the 2016 season.I cannot make any claims for it,but I wanted to dress a natural looking fly with slightly drab colours.I hope you will try it out in 2016.

The body of this fly is tied with:

Sooty Olive Erne Traditional Irish Dubbing.No 3 Click here

  • Choose Size:
Dabblers with their wings of splayed mallard fibres were originally tied to represent sedges hatching in the surface film.Now tied with bodies of silver and pearl and in new UV fritz colours they are also great fry imitataing patterns .My range of dabblers includes some of the most successful patterns tied in this style.
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