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Irish Sedges

Irish Sedges

Weight: 0.001 Kgs
Code: CRD015

A Great Gift for your Fisherman Friend

Six Irish Sedges. All the famous sedges in one collection. A great gift for fishing Irish Rivers and Lakes.


  • Green Peter
  • Red-Assed Peter
  • Sheelin Sedge
  • Small brown Sedge
  • Grey Flag
  • Murrough


These carded selections make an ideal Christmas gift for the Angler. Each card contains loads of information on the flies and how to fish them.  Light and easy to post (or Mail) thay can be delivered worldwide.  Just email or rings us if you need anyhelp with your choice. Email:  Phone: +44 (0)28 895 41524

My carded collections of flies contain fly patterns which are tied to a world class standard.

These are flies which are durable and  tied with the best quality materials available.

They are superbly presented on branded high quality card with loads of information on how to fish them etc. on the back of each card.

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