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Lough Carrowmore Package

Lough Carrowmore Package

Weight: 0.060 Kgs
Code: Carrowmore-pack

Lough Carrawomore is Open for Fishing February - September.

Here is a bundle of flies that do well on Lough Carrowmore. This Pack come in handy when you're headed to a specific lake and would like to pack the flies that have done well at that lake in the past. Choose your Fly Size for each fly IF it has the option. The Flies in this pack are:

  • Mackerel Fly - Sizes 6 Only:
  • Bruiser Bumble Variant - Size 10 Only:
  • Octopus (Yellow) - Choose Size:
  • Claret Bumble Muddler Claret Head - Choose Size:
  • Foley's Fondler JC - Choose Size:
  • Andy's Carrowmore Bumble - Choose size:

The flies in this website are a mixture of old traditional patterns, variants and new patterns many of which were invented by Frankie McPhillips. The use of correct colour blends of traditional Irish Dubbing in the dressings gives them an authenticity and uniqueness which, distinguishes them from other fly brands. Their quality is superb and this is continually monitored and checked by Frankie to ensure the highest standards.

Octopus (Yellow)

Octopus (Yellow)

This fly is used in May, June and July.

This fly was first designed by Stan headley for Lough Melvin. It is a great top dropper fly on a team of wets at Mayfly time. It is now fished all over Ireland and has acquired a number of variants eg Green Octopus and some with muddler heads, Also works well for salmon on lakes. It has proved very successful on Carrowmore in recent years.

Claret Bumble Muddler Claret Head

Claret Bumble Muddler Claret Head

This Fly is best used : April - September

This Fly is successful on Lough Carrowmore

This pattern is a variant of Kingsmill Moore's famous Claret Bumble. Muddler heads of deer hair,in this case dyed claret are tied on flies to give them a greater buoyancy. The large muddler head also causes more disturbance when fished in the surface film. This popular trout fly variant has become a firm favourite on Lough Carrowmore in County Mayo where it has been very successful for spring salmon.

 Foley's Fondler        JC

Foley's Fondler JC

A pattern for salmon on  Lough Carrowmore County Mayo  by Pat Foley.

This really has everything in the dressing. A fly for a big wave.

Mackerel Fly

Mackerel Fly

Another popular fly for Spring Salmon on Lough Carrowmore Co. Mayo in the west of Ireland

Andy's Carrowmore Bumble

Andy's Carrowmore Bumble

This Fly is best fished with from January to the end of October

This Bumble was designed by Andy Latimer and has been one of his most successful top dropper flies on Lough Carrowmore Co Mayo, where it has accounted for numerous spring salmon. It is a beautifully tied pattern with all the ingredients of a good bumble, quality palmered body hackles and classic colouring of claret, black, blue and red with a crest tail. Fish it for lake salmon and trout anywhere.

Bruiser Bumble Variant

Bruiser Bumble Variant

New Pattern Bruiser Bumble Variant.A little variation on the classic Kingsmill Moore pattern.

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