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Feathers Feathers

Our feathers section contains some of the most poipular feathers fior tying trout and salmon flies, with a focus on Irish patterns. Our colours have a particular emphisis for tying a traditioinal Irish Patterns, but of course they can be used in tying your local patterns worldwide. 



Veniard French Partridge Hackles


Veniard French Partridge Hackles


Generous size packs of individual colours, the wonderful barred feather from just below the wing. Probablly the best feather for all your Mayfly patterns. 

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Veniard Guinea Fowl Hackles Dyed and Natural

Veniard Guinea Fowl Plumage Hackles

Blue dyed is ideal substitute for Blue Jay tied in fully wound or false

All other colours are ideal for use on the front of Bumbles and Mayflies


Dyed Olive


Dyed Yellow

Dyed Blue



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Vienard Bronze Mallard Shoulder Feathers

Bronze Mallard Shoulder Feathers

10 paired feathers per packet

Superb quality feathers small, medium and large. Ideal for tying all your traditional wet flies such as Sooty Olives, Golden Olives, Fiery Browns, Mallard and Clarets plus all your Dabbler style patterns.

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Bronze Mallard Substitute

Veniard Bronze Mallard Substitute

A great substitute for bronze mallard when you cannot get the real thing.

Use this for all your mallard wing and dabbler patterns.


Veniard Peacock Herl

Peacock Herl is perfect for the hundreds of patterns that call for this naturally iridescent material. This commonly used fly tying material is used in a huge range of flies including nymphs, streamers and even terrestrials such as beetle patterns. Peacock Herl a generous amount packed and supplied by Veniard, strung for convenience and available with a choice of iridescent colours including;

  • Natural Bronze
  • Dyed Black
  • Dyed Green
  • Dyed Magenta
  • Dyed Orange.

Probably the first fly tying material used by us all and arguably no other natural material has as many fish attracting qualities as peacock herl.

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Veniard Peacock Blue Neck Hackles

Veniard Peacock Blue Neck Hackles

First wound as a hackle on the sea trout pattern the goats toe. Packet of 10 feathers.


Veniard Substitute Jungle Cock Feathers

The super realistic Veniard Substitute Jungle Cock Feathers are printed on special durable synthetic sheets offering a perfect alternative to the real feather. There are four different sizes of feather per sheet, each feather image is outline cut for consistency. These substitute feathers are mainly used for classic Salmon fly tying.

Jungle Cock feathers are mainly used as cheek patterns on trout flies to give the illusion of an 'eye' on the fly. More commonly on Salmon flies they are used at the front of the fly, placed near the head and the throat.

Use the substitute feather in exactly the same way as you would do a normal feather. When tying it in either fold back the tag end of the printed feather or apply a small drop of Fulling Mill superglue or varnish to fix the imitation feather in place and prevent it from pulling out . When tying small trout flies , the imitation feather can even be cut carefully in two down the centre of the printed feather, this will give you the split effect that is perfect for tying patterns.

Common flies with the Jungle cock feathers are the Cascade JC Double, Royal Dunkeld JC and Cat Eyes JC Double.

These synthetic feathers are printed on both sides to give a natural as possible effect. They are more durable than real Jungle cock feathers, are more cost effective and are easy to use.

  • Large (25mm) 16 Feathers per packet
  • Medium (20mm) 16 Feathers per packet
  • Small (15mm) 20 Feathers per packet
  • Extra Small (10mm) 20 Feathers per packet
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Large Cock Neck Hackles Mixed Colours (7gram Pkt)


Veniard Large Cock Neck Hackles Mixed Colours (7 gram packet)

Ideal for large Pike and Saltwater flies


Veniard Golden Pheasant Topping Crest (2nd Quality)

A complete topping crest of lower quality than a 1st grade, but still with plenty of useable feathers. Great for tails of many popular trout and Salmon Flies. Used for example in, Invicta, Connemara Black, Stoat's Tail.


Veniard cock pheasant tail knotted

Centre tail piece with each fibre double knotted Supplied on the quill

Great for hopper and Daddy Patterns

Colours: Black, Claret, Natural, Orange, Red

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Veniard Synthetic Quills

Very tough synthetic quills cut in to 2 thicknesses which are very easy to use. Simply wrap the Synthetic Quill Body on your fly body and apply a thin layer of varnish or Bug-Bond and there you have it... a perfect quill body. Colours Available :

  • Golden Olive
  • Olive
  • Cream
  • Rust
  • Grey
  • Yellow
View details

Veniard Super Stretch Floss

Veniard Super Stretch – Flexi Floss

Strong stretchable floss that does not lose its colour when wet or stretched

Enough to tie hundreds of flies

Superb for Buzzers Bodies, Bloodworms and Ribbing on Wet and Dry Flies


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Veniard Teal Duck Flank

Strong black and white barring, Used as a wing on both trout and salmon flies including the Peter Ross and Teal Blue and Silver. Mixed Sizes in a 2g Packet

Veniard Ready - Srtripped Hackle Quills

15 Cock hackles stems stripped and ready for use in you fly tying, which make beautiful dry fly and nymph bodies without the fuss and fiddle.

Available in a range of 8 popular colours as listed below.

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Veniard Golden Pheasant Tippets (Small Mediun Large)

Golden Pheasant Tippets are a classic flytying material with a wide range of uses. These tippets are available in great value packs, in a choice of 3 sizes,

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


One of the most common feathers used for the tails of traditional wet flies. e.g. Golden Olive, Sooty Olive and Mallard & Claret


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Strung Turkey Marabou Bloods

Strung Turkey Marabou Bloods 

Used by many tyers because of their uniform length, with the added bonus of being strung for convenience.

View details

Veniard Booby Eyes

Mixed Packets of 110 Booby Eyes.

Sizes : 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm & 9mm

Mixed Colours In each and every pack : Black, Blue, Chartreuse, Green, Line Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White & Yellow

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