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Mayflies Mayflies

Mayflies Galore

With almost 100 different trout flyfishing mayflies specially tied for Irish lakes and rivers we are your best choice for that magic time of year.


Dry Mayflies (47)

 Irish brown and raindow trout favourites including O’Connor's and Moselys,Wulffs ,Spents and modern CDC patterns.

Spent Mayflies (15)

"Fishing the Spent" is probably one of the most exciting periods in the lough fisherman's year.The fall of spent mayfly bringing up some of the biggest trout.This selection of Spent Gnat patterns includes some of the most successful flies fished at this time.They are proven patterns,some going back to the 1950's (Anderson's Spent)and they have all been  successful on Loughs Erne, Lough Sheelin ,Lough  Derg,  Lough Ree and many more.We will be adding to our Spent Gnat range with some exciting new patterns in 2020.

Wet Mayflies (38)

Trout are fished in teams of three on floating or intermediate lines these are proven fish catchers during the mayfly season and beyond. 

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