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Lough Melvin Lough Melvin



Black Pennell (Broad Ribbed

I first tied this fly in the early 1980's at the request of  Tony O'Brien a well known Lough Melvin angler.He liked his flies to have broad ribs and I tied a bibio version in the same style.It has proved popular since and works also very well as a brown and sea trout fly all over Ireland.



The body of this fly is tied with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No.24. Black.  Click here.

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The Bibio is one of the classic all round wet flies which most anglers will have in their fly box. A great early season fly in smaller sizes for duck fly, it is fished right throughout the year for salmon trout and sea trout.
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Silver Daddy

This is one of my most popular Daddies. It can be fished anywhere on the cast, alot of anglers preferring to fish it on the point.It is fished successfully all over the British Isles for stocked and wild fish. A particular favourite on Lough Melvin and Lough Mask.

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International Dabbler

I tied this pattern in the mid 1990's for the Irish ladies team who were fishing the home International on Lough Melvin.It has been a firm favourite since then.It is fished on the point in March when it is undoubtedly taken for shrimp.It is also is an all round favourite from April right through to September, fished generally on the top dropper for wild or stocked fish. A superbly dressed fly in split wing dabbler style.


The body of this fly is tied with :

Traditional Irish Dubbing No 41 Orange Olive Click here.

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Green Dabbler

The Green Dabbler is one of the most popular fished anywhere on the cast .A particular favourite wet fly pattern at mayfly time.This particular pattern has a front hackle as well as a palmered body hackle.It is a beautifully tied example of the dabbler series.See also Claret dabbler,Sooty Olive Dabbler,International Dabbler,Cock Robin dabbler.The body of this fly is tied with my Traditional Irish Dubbing No.2 Medium Olive.

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Claret Bumble

One of Kingsmill Moore's most popular Bumbles, it is a great pattern for trout, salmon and sea-trout.I like the claret body hackle to be a medium claret in colour and the body is made from Traditional Irish Dubbing No.14 Medium Claret. Generally fished top or mid dropper in a team of wet flies.

This fly body is tied with:

Traditional Irish Dubbing No.14 Click here.

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Green Peter Muddler

A muddler version of the Green Peter.
A great top dropper favourite.
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Claret Dabbler

One of the best Dabbler patterns around. A must have fly for the serious Lough Angler. Will work from March to September. This larger size works very well also for salmon.
Out of stock
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Melvin Daddy

I first tied this pattern under the instruction of Davy Wotton in Margate in the early 1980's.Then we tied it dry fly style with figure of eight wings sitting out at right angles from the body. This wet version is basically the same pattern with the hackle and wings tied sloping backwards.It came to fame with great success on Lough Melvin, hence the name. Fish it anywhere as a classic wet daddy pattern.( See also Dry Daddy).

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Melvin Gosling (Yellow)

Gold and Black Frames.

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