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Chocolate Drop (Moss)

Chocolate Drop (Moss)

Weight: 0.010 Kgs
Code: SGE007-1

This is the famous Chocolate Drop sedge invented by Dennis Moss. He states " This is my most effective Sedge pattern. I fish it in sizes 10-14 and find the smaller sizes can be very good when trout are feeding on the medium dark coloured sedge flies or the Welshman’s button. But it is in the larger size 10 that I have found this fly most effective – from July through to the end of season. The Chocolate Drop has taken a lot of big brown trout, and for an evening session in the summer or early autumn, it is a “must have” pattern”.Good end of season pattern on Lough Sheelin.
(Quote from "Trout and Salmon - The Essential Guide to Irish Lough Fishing" by Dennis Moss.)

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My Sedge collection includes some of the most popular patterns fished in Ireland. Sedges are an important part of the trout's diet throughout the fishing season, with the peak hatches appearing on rivers and loughs from May through to September. The flies are most commonly fished "dry", either singly or in teams of two, positioned four to six feet apart. Whilst dry flies are normally fished static, sedge patterns such as the Murrough, Grey Flag, Shellin, Melvin and Small Brown Sedge are best retrieved with short pulls to represent the characteristic skittering motion of the natural sedge across the water surface. The Green Peter and Red-Assed Peter are classic all-rounders, fished equally well "wet" or "dry". They can be fished in any position on the cast from the start of the Mayfly period through to the end of the season. The flies in this collection have been tied in authentic colours from my Traditional Irish Dubbing range.
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