Trout Flies

Trout Flies

We have a wide range of trout flies to cover all types of fly fishing in rivers and lakes throughout the season.

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Trout Flies

Our wide range of trout flies cover all types of fly fishing in rivers and lakes throughout the trout fishing season. We have subdivided them into the categories below. You will also notice on the top right of each fishing fly image, an icon depicting the time of year when the fly is most successful.

Trout Season

Sea trout, brown trout, rainbow trout fishing seasons: 1 February to 30 September - Lough Melvin including tributaries. 1 March to 30 September - Lough Erne System including tributaries. 1 March to 20 October – River Bush including tributaries.

Silver Dabbler  2.2 GBP
Sooty Biot Dabbler  2.25 GBP
Pearly Dabbler  2.2 GBP
Floating Fry  2 GBP
Green Pea  2 GBP
Whiskey Fly  2.2 GBP
Goldhead Zulu  1.95 GBP
Martini Cat  1.95 GBP
Viva Marabou Gold  1.95 GBP
Viva Nomad  2 GBP
Bloody Butcher  2.2 GBP
Claret Olive  1.95 GBP
Doobry  2.2 GBP
March Brown  2.2 GBP
Olive Dun  1.85 GBP
Pearly Invicta  2.2 GBP
Raymond  2 GBP
Sooty Olive (JC)  2.3 GBP
Raymond Variant  2.25 GBP
Bibio (JC)  2.25 GBP
Golden Olive  1.95 GBP
Mallard & Claret  2.2 GBP
Fiery Brown  2.2 GBP
Kate Mc Laren  2.1 GBP
Bibio  1.95 GBP
Clan Chief  2.2 GBP
Telephone Golden  2.2 GBP
Hot Orange Bumble  2.25 GBP
Melvin Bumble  2.2 GBP
Claret Bumble  2.2 GBP
Raymond Bumble  2.2 GBP
Claret Stimulator  2.25 GBP
Black Stimulator  2.25 GBP
Yellow Stimulator  2.25 GBP
Blue Winged Olive  1.95 GBP
Compara Dun Olive  1.95 GBP
F Fly (Trotter)  1.7 GBP
Foam Beetle  1.95 GBP
Foam Beetle  1.95 GBP
Grey Duster  1.95 GBP
Griffith's Gnat  1.95 GBP
Klinkhammer Red  1.95 GBP
Klinkhammer Tan  1.95 GBP
Klinkhammer Yellow  1.95 GBP
Packie's Ant  1.75 GBP
Carrot Fly  1.8 GBP
CDC Daddy  2.25 GBP
Claret Daddy  2.25 GBP
Donegal Daddy  2.3 GBP
Foam Daddy  2.3 GBP
Copper Hopper  2.2 GBP
Sooty Hopper  2.25 GBP
Silver Daddy Dry  2.25 GBP
Bibio Hopper  2.2 GBP
Dry Daddy  2.25 GBP
Silver Daddy  2.25 GBP
Melvin Daddy  2.25 GBP
Cruncher Orange  1.75 GBP
Partridge & Olive  1.75 GBP
Partridge & Orange  1.85 GBP
Silver Spider  1.85 GBP
Silverhead Spider  1.95 GBP
Snipe & Purple  1.85 GBP
Waterhen Bloa  1.65 GBP
Ardleigh Nymph  1.85 GBP
Raymond Variant  2.25 GBP
Telephone Claret  2.25 GBP
Clan Chief  2.25 GBP
Erne Special  2.25 GBP
Inny Spent  2.25 GBP
Octopus (Yellow)  2.2 GBP
Kilkenny Mayfly  2.2 GBP
Mask Mayfly Yellow  2.25 GBP
Sedgehog Bibio  2.2 GBP
Silver Sedge  2.2 GBP
Sheelin Sedge  2.2 GBP
Olive Buzzer Moss  1.95 GBP
Olive Epoxy Buzzer  1.75 GBP
Green Peter Pupa  1.85 GBP
Jungle Diawl Bach  1.85 GBP
Red Throat  1.95 GBP
Beadbug Bloodworm  1.85 GBP

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