Dry Mayflies

A comprehensive range of Dry Mayfly patterns which includes many old classic favourites and new Wulff , CDC and parachute styles to cover all your dry mayfly needs. (For perfect presentation of your dry mayflies use our range of Greys Knotless tapered Casts)
Digby's Mayfly  1.85 GBP
Erne Special  1.95 GBP
Green Paradrake  1.95 GBP
Green Wulff  1.95 GBP
Yellow Wulff  1.85 GBP
Royal Wulff  1.95 GBP
O'Connors Yellow  1.95 GBP
Red Humpy  1.85 GBP
Klinkhammer Mayfly  1.95 GBP
O'Connors Green  1.95 GBP
Grey Wulff  1.95 GBP
CDC Mayfly Nymph  1.95 GBP
Yellow Humpy  1.85 GBP
CDC Grizzle Mayfly  1.95 GBP
Shadow Mayfly  2 GBP
Mayfly Silhouette  1.95 GBP
Kyle's Mayfly  2 GBP
Brown Drake  1.6 GBP

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