Wet Mayflies

This is our comprehensive range of wet mayfly patterns which includes many old popular favourites and new patterns.

The goslings and the french partridge mayflies have been fished for years and other patterns are my own inventions over the past forty years, some as requests from customers and tackle shop owners all over Ireland.

They can be fished in teams of three or as part of a three fly cast along with dabblers/ bumbles /and general wet patterns.

Octopus (Yellow)  1.95 GBP
Corrib Green Deery  1.95 GBP
Kilkenny Mayfly  1.75 GBP
Mask Mayfly Olive  1.95 GBP
Mask Mayfly Yellow  1.95 GBP
Octopus (Green)  1.95 GBP
Black Assed Mayfly  1.95 GBP
Lough Erne Gosling  1.85 GBP
Rush's Mayfly  2 GBP
Octopus (Green)  1.95 GBP

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