Trout Lures

Although originally intended for reservoir and stocked fisheries, trout fishing lures are becoming increasingly popular on our large wild trout loughs, where they work as great fry imitators. The Humungus and Zonker patterns are particularly good from early trout fishing season .

Blob Sunburst  1.5 GBP
Humungus (Pink)  1.8 GBP
Martini Black Cat  1.95 GBP
Whiskey Fly  1.8 GBP
Viva Nomad  1.5 GBP
Green Pea  1.8 GBP
Ace of Spades  1.75 GBP
Viva Marabou Gold  1.85 GBP
Humungus (Black)  1.85 GBP
Goldhead Zulu  1.8 GBP
BH Viva Variant  1.5 GBP
Black Taddy  1.75 GBP
Martini Cat  1.75 GBP
Mickey Finn  1.5 GBP
Viva Booby  1.5 GBP
Floating Fry  1.75 GBP
Humungus (Olive)  1.85 GBP
Blob Tricolour  1.5 GBP
Blob Red Tag  1.5 GBP
Blob Pink  1.5 GBP
Blob Orange  1.5 GBP
Blob Bibio  1.5 GBP

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